Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Journey In Time, Space, & Reelality

I don't know how long it has been since I even looked at this journal, but finally there is something to talk about.  Originally this blog was meant to be my opinion about the movies that I watch whether it is new or old.  Nice premise but wore off relatively quickly.  Now,things are different.  I have agreed to take on a journey (so to speak) through the history of cinema.

Here's how it began....

One day at the job, my friend Byron  messaged me with a link to an interesting list.  The list is the 1,000 Greatest Films by Ranking [].  Things got even more interesting when Byron posed the challenge to me... to go through and watch every movie on that list.  The goal of this task to simply understand why these films are considered the greatest pieces of cinema.  Sure every film student in the world has seen these film, but I know for me it has been a while for some, and never for others.  I was intrigued.  The Mrs. on the other hand couldn't do anything but roll her eyes.  Yet again another film debate on the horizon.  So here are the rules we've set for ourselves:

  • We start with the no. 1 ranked movie.
  • Any movie we've have seen can be skipped unless the other feels the need to watch it again.  
  • On an off day we will take alternating turns choosing any movie on the list to watch.   
Simple enough right?  I thought so too with one simple hang up... Byron hasn't really seen anything on this list.  There goes my weekends for the foreseeable future.  It won't be easy that's for sure but we shall succeed... let's get it!!!

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